Handy Horse III

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Bring your horse and practice long lining.

Contact Carol Becker of Unicorn Farm
VOICE ONLY: 248-628-6073
(no text or email)

Trec Drive

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Trec Driving is ideally suited to the recreational driver who wants to enjoy his or her driving partner.

    • Trec Driving is an informal driving activity consisting of three phases: a judged safety check, a timed 3-10 kilometer cross country drive on roads and trails, and a skills demonstration consisting of up to 10 different driver’s tests.
    • Points are deducted for missing required items for the safety check, whole minutes over or under the optimal cross country time, and skipped or poorly-performed driver’s tests.
    • Additional points may be added for clever safety items or upping the difficulty level of the driver’s tests. Therefore, it is possible for
      drivers to achieve a score of over 50 points.
    • The biggest surprise about a Trec Drive is that the cross country course is NOT marked. Instead, drivers are encouraged to come early before their start time to view and take notes from a posted map.

Please RSVP to Alicia Pierce if you would like to drive or volunteer at the TREC drive.