Date Time Activity More Info
2-18-18 12 – 3 pm Mid-Winter Potluck and Tack Sale Speaker: Dr. Bob Conditioning the Sport Horse and MCDE Condition award. MCDA membership required →Metamora Historical Society
3-18-18 MCDA Handy Horse Series #1 Learn what the horse experiences when you ride or drive. No Horse needed. Informal fund raiser for Banbury Cross. Membership in MCDA is NOT required.
→Banbury Cross
4-21-18 MCDA Handy Horse Series #2 More advanced than #1. Long Lining the Driving Horse. No Horse needed, Demo horses provided. Membership in MCDA is NOT required.
→Astrid Joergens Farm
5/4/18 – 5/6/18 Starts at 8 am MCDA Clinic with Tracey Morgan
→Windrush Farm
6/22/18 – 6/24/18 Friday: Combined Test
Saturday: Dressage/Cones
Sunday: Marathon
ADS Sanctioned Activity →Windrush Farm
6/24/18 and 6/25/18 TBD MCDE After Show Clinic with Tracey Morgan More Info at metamoraCarriageDriving.org →Windrush Farm
July TBD MCDA Handy Horse Series #3 TBD, with horses. Membership in MCDA is NOT required.
→Unicorn Farm
August or September TBD Safety Talk and Drive Terry Picket and Carol Becker will present a safety talk in the am. Participants my drive the grounds in pm. You must be present for the safety talk to drive the grounds.
→Squeky Windmill Farm (Dryden)
October TBD Trec or Continuous Drive and Luncheon →Stump Lane Farm
11/10/18 TBD Annual Meeting, Dinner, and Vote →Lapeer Country Club